What is Resirkula?

Resirkula is a second- hand concept run by the municipality-owned waste management company Sirkula. The concept is as simple as it is genious: Second- hand concept stores are located right next to the recycling center. Customers at the recycling center can deliver reusable objects that they don’t want anymore to Resirkula, instead of throwing them in a container. The objects delivered will be distributed to the stores who can sell them as they are, repair them or upcycle them to something different.

Our goal is to produce less waste, save more reusable objects and raise their value by mending them. By doing this we make sure that more objects can last longer in a circular economy.   

The new recycling center at Kretsløpsparken opened 10th of february 2020. Resirkula and it’ s stores had it's official opening 13th of june 2020. 

Stores that will open as part of Resirkula


A shop full of retro objects from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Here you can find a unique furniture, carpet, poster, lamp and much more to fit the perfect retro style. The owner Petra can also offer to mend your own worn out teak table or comfy chair.


A shop where you can buy used electronic devices such as a laptop, TV screen, blending machine, record player and much more. All the items have been looked over and repaired if necessary. If you have an electronic device at home that doesn’t work properly you can deliver it to Rune, and he can repair it for you. 

Grønne saker

A shop filled with beautiful plants, pots of all kinds, gardening objects and tools, creative upcyling ideas and unique objects. This is a shop that thrives upon a green lifestyle, both literaly and figuratively. Therese can help you pick out some great plants and accessories for your home and garden, as well as give you some wonderful interior ideas.

Gålåsholmen smårep

A shop for the handy people. Here you can find bicycles, lawnmowners and lots of different machines and tools for the home. The shop also sell fishing- and outdoors equipment. All the items have been looked over and repaired if necessary. The owner Knut can also offer to repair your own bike or machine for you.

Melkespannet kalkmaling & redesign

A shop where you can find unique upcycled furniture and charming objects from the traditional Norwegian country side. Jeanette uses environmentally friendly chalk paint to redesign old, broken and perhaps non-fashionable objects. The results are fabolous. If you have an object at home that you wish was in another color or pattern you can deliver it to Jeanette and she can redesign it as you wish.  


Contact person at Resirkula

Maria Sætersdal Remøe, concept developer for Resirkula

Email: resirkula@sirkula.no

The Resirkula concept is inspired by Retuna Återbruksgalleria in Eskilstuna, Sweden.